The awkward moment when your friends make a comment about the guy you had sex with being fat and then realizing it’s true.

You know when you turn onto your new street and see four little kids wearing Ronaldo jersey’s, you live in Little Mexico. 

All a bitch wants to do when she gets off work at 12am is make enchiladas, but some asshat decides to not close the corn tortilla package. 

I’m thankful for having a family who doesn’t get fake during the holidays. Maybe someone will bring food to work.

I love how Marc and I do everything together without even trying.

He’s taking a semester off, I’m taking a semester off.

He got a job, now I have a job too.

He buys a game, I buy the exact one the next day without him having mentioned it. 

I seriously don’t get people sometimes. Why would you just go to bed and leave the other person pissed off. Makes no sense whatsoever. I’ll get over it like always.

If you’re sick of seeing my rants, this is the tumblr I’m not a bitchy teenage girl on.

I’m becoming possessive over things that aren’t even mine.